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How to make money as a student without affecting your school grades - POSCHOLARS

Dec 20 2023 2:41:00 PM

John Philip

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How to make money as a student without affecting your school grades.

Table of Contents
  1. Become a tutor:
  2. Sign up to take surveys online:
  3. Buy and sell domain names:
  4. Use money making platform:
  5. Use money-making apps:
  6. Baby-sitting:

Making money as a student.

Gaining admission into the university can be a great thing but sustaining yourself in the university is one of the greatest challenges for any student. Especially when your parent isn't financially buoyant. This article is for students or individuals searching for the following term "how to make money as a student without affecting your school grades", "how to make money as a student", "6 ways to make money quickly as a student", "How can I make money as a student in Nigeria", "How can a student earn money without working", "creative ways to make money", "ideas to make money"." how to earn money online as a student". Let's dive right in.
Making money as a student can be time-consuming as one might not find time to read. If you are a student looking for extra cash without it affecting your grades in school, then this is just the best article for you.
As a student, there are times when needs arise all of a sudden and your parent might not be of help. Hence, the reason you might consider making some money of your own. There are so many ways for a student to make money but not all ways save time.
A student should know that education is a top priority. A student should not forsake his or her education to make money. Most students making money have reduced their grades in school as a result of trying to make money. They end up getting fed up and even quitting their studies. This is not a good action to perform.
The problem with this set of students is that they refused to use the concept of time management. Time management is a useful skill every student needs to achieve in order to accomplish his or her goals, aims, and objectives in life.
Here are some ways you can make money as a student without affecting your grades in school

How to make money as a student without affecting your school grades


Become a tutor:

This is one of the best ways to make money while studying if the proximity of your location to your student location is close. There are some class positions in which guardians look for home tutors why not share your knowledge and make some cool money?
The money you can earn being a tutor is usually substantial. So I would advise that you start looking for a student you can tutor and make money from. Concerning time management, you can also read while tutoring since you are both trying to learn. This can even create a timeline to read because you can decide to do revision by teaching your student what you have learned.
Note that the time you can easily find a tutor is around the exam season for A-level students or students in their final years in college or secondary school because they are always looking for a tutor.

Sign up to take surveys online:

The online survey is also a way that saves much time. It requires you to do some testing of products and make ratings on them. It is not timed as you can do the survey anytime. Lots of companies always need consumers to take their surveys as they are testing out new products or websites. Time management is not really necessary as you don’t spend a lot of time doing the survey. It could take from twenty to sixty minutes or more depending on your speed.

Buy and sell domain names:

This is a great way to earn fast money and it exposes you to the concept of businesses that involves buying and selling. You can gain experience in the business world. It involves you getting a website name which is known as a domain. You can buy a domain name on the internet for about two pounds which are roughly less than a thousand naira. Then if someone needs your domain name you can sell it for a premium. You can sell it for a thousand pounds. Isn’t that a huge amount of money?
Although, the selling price of a domain is determined by the buyer. If your domain is really needed, the buyer or company can pay more than you expected. The disadvantage is that you can’t easily get a buyer. Even if you eventually get a buyer, it is still the probability that the buyer would be willing to buy the domain at a high price. But the processing is not time-consuming at all. It is just like a contract. In the contract business, it is not every time you get a contract.
If you are planning to go into this business make sure that you are connected and make sure that you know many companies who are willing to buy domain names.

Use money making platform:

There are so many platforms online that can pay you for services. Most times the service involves writing articles to get paid. Just have a look at the internet you would see dozens of sites that pay you for writing. Some of the platforms are sun biz, candy news, atpays, and others. The platforms pay per amount for every referral you make ( bringing more people into the platform), every news you read, and sharing sponsorship posts.

Use money-making apps:

There are some apps that pay you for playing games. Games are the common apps that pay you for playing games although they are not the only app that pays you. You just have to check the internet. Some of the apps are Math cash, O-trade, Bitcoin, and a lot more apps that perform the same function.


Babysitting is a time-consuming job ideally. It can be made less time-consuming by reading while babysitting. This is a great job that takes your time but still frees up your space Although, this does not work in every part of the world. In babysitting, all you have to do is to look after the kids until their parent comes back to get them. When their parents get back, they get paid. It is as easy as possible. You could still go by your daily routine while babysitting.
As a student have it at the back of your mind that your education comes first before any other thing. Never forego your education for anything because as time goes on you will finish school.
Then you can now start thinking of making full money. The money would be needed throughout your lifetime while education is a stage and once you pass that stage, you can’t go back. So it is better to face your studies and pass with good grades after completing your education. Education is the bedrock to success, it is not necessarily the key to success.

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