June 2020

How to study and read for an exam

How study or read for an exam. Studying is the act of learning new things. Most persons do not understand the scope of studying. Students find it difficult to study. Studying is the assimilation of information for better understanding. The book is the source of information. Assimilation of information varies among humans, depending on the…Read more

How to solve indices: Waec 2020 questions on indices

The WAEC MATHEMATICS QUESTIONS ON INDICES   Table of Content Introduction to solving of waec questions on indices.   What are indices(waec questions on indices)  How to solve waec questions on indices(waec 2020) Solved waec past questions on indices.  A short quiz on indices(Try them out)  INTRODUCTION(Waec 2020 questions on indices)   Welcome, this section of my tutorial…Read more