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How to manage your resources as a student

How to manage your resources as a student Managing resources can be quite a challenge for students and individuals. Therefore, this article is written for people searching for the following keywords “how to manage resources as a student”, “how do I manage the resources I have effectively”, “ways to manage resources as a student ”, “How…Read more

Online schooling: What are the advantages and disadvantages of online schooling

Online ONLINE SCHOOLING: How online classes works An online school is a type of educational structure done through the internet. The students and the teachers communicate through online platform which includes videoconferencing or others.  A good online class is an amalgam of video recordings, live chats, live lectures complemented with assessments, class works and certain…Read more

How to study and read for an exam

How study or read for an exam. Studying is the act of learning new things. Most persons do not understand the scope of studying. Students find it difficult to study. Studying is the assimilation of information for better understanding. The book is the source of information. Assimilation of information varies among humans, depending on the…Read more