7 mistakes to avoid as a first year student in the University

7 mistakes to avoid as a year one student in the University
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7 mistakes to avoid as a first-year student in the University

Gaining admission into the University is the dream of almost all students that have successfully completed their secondary school education. A lot of students often fall prey to these seven mistakes when they finally gain admission into the university. This article is for students who are aspirants of any university or students who are already in the university. If you are searching for “7 mistakes to avoid as a first-year student”, “mistakes to avoid as a first year student in the university”, “mistakes student will likely make in their first semester”, “first year college student problems”, “Things not to do in your first to year as a university student”, “Things to do as a university student”. If you are here to get information related to any of the keywords in italics, you are in the right place

After so many years, you’ve got your freedom from parents and teachers. You are now in the real world trying to build your career. Isn’t nice to have no one controlling or ordering you on what to do. But note one thing, there is always a price attached to freedom.

Therefore, you should be ready to pay the price of freedom. However, undergraduates make some mistakes that affect them throughout their stay in college or university.

Firstly, the university is a place where you obtain information and skill that would enable you to excel and succeed in the real world. This is the more reason you have to be serious with your academics in the university. So that you can obtain a good result and get a good job hopefully or become an entrepreneur. Now, there are some mistakes you should avoid in the university. Let’s take a look at them.

7 mistakes to avoid as a year one student in the University

7 mistakes to avoid as a first-year student in the University

1. Spending much time on social media:

Social media has now become rampant among adults, youth, teenagers, and even the children. Social media is not really bad but it has been abused by some users who post things that are not meant for the public.

Although, social media has made the world a global village and helped humanity greatly. One disadvantage is that people spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media. It takes a huge percentage of teenagers and youths are in their first year of the university. This is one of the mistakes that undergraduates make which makes starts off with low grades.

2. Going to parties when it’s not necessary:

Partying and going to parties is not wrong. It becomes wrong when you go to in descent party or go to party frequently. This would make you lose time studying to the time you spend partying. It is good to be social but one needs to understand he or she must be social with caution. Instead of spending time partying, why not use the same amount of time to study your books and come out with good degree. Going to party is a waste of time to me. Try to ask yourself this question about why you are in a university. You can avoid this mistake by limiting the time you give to partying.

3. Procrastinating your projects and class assignments:

This is a bad habit that students exhibit during their first years in the university due to a lack of experience. Experience they say is the best teacher. Procrastination of assignments should be completely avoided, if not you will be making a huge mistake because you will have a short time to complete your classwork and then you will be forced to rush the assignment with many errors making you score a low mark.

4. Frequent skipping of classes:

This is also a bad habit common among the older students. This usually influences first-year students to do the same. The unwise ones eventually imitate the older students without thinking it through. When a student skips class, the student can incur a great loss of marks due to attendance, or explanation of a particular topic which might be confusing to learn on your own. If you are a student that skip classes frequently, I advise you to stop immediately.

5. Taking too many extracurricular activities:

Extracurricular activities have extra side benefits attached to it. But just make sure that you still have enough time to study because that is the many n reasons you are in a university. University is not a place to read only but is also a place to gain experience to survive in the real world. So when you get there, try to indulge in extracurricular activities. As you are doing so, just make sure that you still get enough time and that you have not overloaded your schedule.

6. Failure to ask for aid:

More than twenty percent of students are guilty of this. Most time during lectures, they do not understand what is being taught and they keep that to themselves. If you are feeling shy to ask for help from your lecturer, it is normal and fine. But at least you should ask for help from your friends that understand the topic instead you are adamant. If you are doing this, you are not helping yourself at all. Remember no one is an island of knowledge.

7. Using the mindset you had in secondary school:

This is common to all students during their first year in universities. A university is different from a secondary one. A university gives you freedom while a secondary school does the opposite, a university deals with real life problems while a secondary school does the opposite, a university has lecturers while a school has teachers. You can see that a university is absolutely different from a secondary school.

However, there are some similarities between universities and secondary schools. When you get to the university, you need to change your mindset as quickly as possible so that you won’t make most stakes that would later affect you in the long run.

Furthermore, you should try to avoid the above mistakes for your own good. Also do not forget to respect lectures and your course mate that are older than you. Try not to be anyone enemy. Avoid offending your lecturers or your coursemate. This will save you from unnecessary problems.

In addition, a university is a place where you gain experience to deal with the real world. It is a place to read and study only. As you are reading, try to gain experience because experience is the best teacher you can have. Never indulge in cultism. If you see any cultist try not to be too close to him or her because this act will save you from a lot of troubles.

In conclusion, there is no specific way stop trouble but there are many ways to avoid troubles. Remember to maintain a positive mindset and be focused on your sole purpose of you being in the university. Never stop be focused on your goals.

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We have come to the end of this article on “Top 7 mistakes to avoid as a first-year student university. This is all we can take on “7 mistakes to avoid as a year one student“.

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