How to finish exam on time and pass with flying colors

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How to finish any exam on time and pass with flying colors

Some exams scheduled on a short period of time. Most exams with short duration are usually scholarship exams, competitive exams (exams for a competition) and some other exams.

The duration for a particular exams can be enough for some and not for others. The major lesson you should note is that duration is always short for those that did not prepare well.

Here are some tips to help finish your exam on time;

1.Prepare and read well:

The best time to start preparing is when you have made all the findings about the exam. Preparing early is also advisable to the students. Reading the syllabus or the common topics and subjects of the exam is also helpful. When you read make sure you understand what you are reading do not cram unless what you are learning requires you do to so. Cramming can be a useful and a dangerous tool. The problem with cramming is that you must not miss a single word. This is why it is better to read and understand. Although, cramming is useful when you are about to write an exam in which its duration is short.

2.Always practice

It has been said that practice breeds perfection. Practice helps to build self-confidence, speed and right state of mind. It is always good to practice very often.

3.Always cross check when you are done

Finishing an exam on time does not mean passing the exam but it is better to finish on time so that you will be able to finish cross check before submitting. Since no one is above mistakes, it is necessary to cross check before submitting. Cross checking allows one to locate his or her mistake so that they can be corrected.

4. Understand the timing of the exam with demos

This is a special type of practice that one can implement. Before your real exam, try to do a demo of the exam by setting the same type and number of question, the same time limit and other features of the exam. This will stop you from being nervous on the day of your exam.

5. Make sure everything is set

Before going for the exam, get enough sleep and wake up early for the exam. Make sure you have gathered your materials that you would be using for the exam a day before the exam. When you do this, it will make your going for the exam easy because all you need to do is to clean up yourself and go for the exam.

 6. Be relaxed

In the exam center make sure you are as calm as possible. This will allow you to think out of the box when a question requires you to do so. If you notice that you are not calm, no need to worry. All you have to do is to take a deep breath and tell yourelf some words of encouragement like “I can do it”.

 7.Do not loose your concentration
Concentration allows you to think straight. It is always good to concentrate when answering questions. Do not allow your seat partner to disturb you unnecessarily.

8. Always look at the time to check if you are on track

Always take note of the time while writing tour exam. This wll allow you to speed up when you are running out of time. It is best to take a wrist watch if the exam accepts.

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