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How to maintain good grades in the university - POSCHOLARS

Dec 21 2023 2:31:00 PM

John Philip

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Maintaining good grades while in the university.

Table of Contents
  1. How to maintain good grades while in the university.
  2. Tips on how to maintain good grades in the university.
  3. i. Cherish the time you spend studying:
  4. ii. Create a good study timetable that covers all your courses or subjects:
  5. iii. Cherish your books:
  6. iv. Never stop reading:
  7. v. Read wide:
  8. vi. Never miss any class:
  9. vii. Never disrespectful to your tutors:
  10. viii. Ask your teachers for help when you don’t understand:
  11. ix. Be close to your tutors:
  12. x. Get a friend that has the same view with you academically:

How to maintain good grades while in the university.

In life, one needs to progress. No one hope to go down but every wants to go up. To keep on the rising one must make more effort and strife to stay at the top. The mistakes people make is that they put in effort to get to the top and when they eventually get to the top, they relent and stop putting effort. No, this is wrong. When one get to top, one should not stop putting effort but one is permitted to reduce his or her efforts. So maintaining a good grades requires some efforts.
So many students had good grades during their early years in school. But as time moved on their grades started to drop until they come to their senses. Then, they start struggling to get to were they were before. This is what I would call law of diminishing returns. Permit me to digress a little, the law of diminishing returns state that as more variable factor is added to a fixed factor, there would be initial rise in output but as it goes further, it would reach it’s maximum output level and start dropping provided the fixed variable does not change.
A land can be used for example, if a farmer starts planting on it and each he increases the number of seeds he plants. At first the his yearly harvest would keep increasing but it would reach a year where the yearly harvest would start reducing. In this case the land is the fixed factor and the seeds is the variable factor.
If you notice it is similar to some graded of students in which at the early years the grades would increase but in subsequent year the grades would start to drop. In this case, it is now left for the student to starting putting more effort before it is too late.

Tips on how to maintain good grades in the university.

Here are some ways to maintain good grades in school.

i. Cherish the time you spend studying:

Never joke or play with the time you spend studying. The time you study is directly proportional to the probability of success in exam. The main key to passing an exam is reading.
There is no other way you can pass without reading. Do not be deceived, if you do not read for your exam your chances of passing would be minimal. Do not let yourself get distracted by any thing when you are reading.

ii. Create a good study timetable that covers all your courses or subjects:

A good study timetable helps you to keep track of your studies. It also helps you to control your studies by making you cover the necessary subjects or course you are offering in school.
A good timetable is very difficult to create. But you need to do your best to create a suitable timetable that would be beneficial. In order to create a good timetable, your timetable must have the following properties. They are;
  • i. It must comprise of all subjects.
  • ii. It must have break. For example: Break after two consecutive period.
  • iii. It should be pasted where you can get easy access. For example, it could be pasted on the wall.
  • iv. It should not be too long.
  • v. It must be followed.

iii. Cherish your books:

In order to succeed in this, your books must be your best friend. As a student, you must never allow a day to pass that you do not read. Books are pathways to knowledge. Books are world on their own. Books can take you to higher realms of wisdom.
Books are capable of opening your understanding to certain things that many won’t understand. However, not all books that are capable of doing this. Also, before reading other books makes sure that you have finished your notebook and other necessary books in your course of study.

iv. Never stop reading:

Like I have been saying, the main thing to maintain good grades is to keep studying and learning new things that would be beneficial to you.

v. Read wide:

If you are in level one class. Make sure you have finished level one subjects an started level two subjects. Always try to be far ahead of your class. If you can do this, you won’t struggle in your class. But rather you would be dealing with subjects that you are supposed to do in your next level.
When you eventually reach, the next class you would have finished that class subjects moving to the next phase and everything you will learn from your teacher would be the revision of all that you’ve learnt.

vi. Never miss any class:

Classes are important to improve group work and practicals. Students should endeavor to attend classes, even though you do not learn anything new from classes. Some lecturers have the habit of using attendance to give marks.

vii. Never disrespectful to your tutors:

It is good to be respectful to your teachers so that they won’t have a solid reason to fail you. Respect they say is reciprocal.

viii. Ask your teachers for help when you don’t understand:

This is also very important so that you can understand the perspective of the teacher. Asking a teacher to help makes the teacher feel like a teacher. So not only are you gaining, you might be making your teacher happy.

ix. Be close to your tutors:

Being close to your tutors has a lot of benefits. The tutor could give you advice and also the tutor could reveal places he might set your questions from unknowingly.

x. Get a friend that has the same view with you academically:

This is very important. Remember this saying; ‘Two are better than one’. Here some advantages of having a reading buddy are:
  1. You will learn to keep a relationship.
  2. You will improve your social skills.
  3. You will learn faster.
  4. When you are discouraged, your reading buddy will encourage you to continue.
  5. You will get the zeal to continue studying.

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