Programming Languages: All you need to know about about programming,programs and programming languages

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Programming Languages: All you need to know about programming

You all know that world is turning to a global village. Computers are now taking over some human activities. Therefore, you must be must inclined towards the use of computers for the good of humanity. In the educational system, I would like to accentuate on the uses of learning computer language. Did you know that machines and computers have their own language in which they follow instructions and it is written in binary codes? Now imagine how tedious it would be when you write codes with binary. It looked like 0’s and 1’s which are called binary digits. This made learning it a bit difficult. This type was called the Machine language. As time went on, some developers and programmers created the High-level language which enables you to write codes with English-like text. So, learning programming language was now made easier and faster.

What is a program?

It is the set of instructions to be performed by computer to carry out a specific operation. Programs can also be called codes.

What is a programming?

It is the act of writing programs or the set of instructions to be performed by computer to carry out a specific operation. Another word for programming is coding. Instead of using the word ‘programming’, you can use the word ‘coding’.

What is a programming language?

This is the language in which a program or a code is written in.

Some cool things you could do or create with programming language

1. It is used for creating apps and games
Programming language can be used to make games. Most games are created by programming language. Except for a few that are created by some apps. Also, note that apps are created by programming language. Every computer has applications in it. It might be a system app which is in built.

2. it is used to create other programming languages
Computer language was used to create other languages. Although, it was a different process unlike making a normal working program it was different.

3. It is used to generate the running software for Robots, Machine and other related devices (Artificial Intelligent)
Advance robots use software to control their hardware. The software was created with programming language. This software makes the robot perform their operations with ease making life easier.

Firstly the codes are written in the computer and tested. If the test is successful, the would be embedded in a chip or in many chips. Depending on the structure of the codes. Then the chips are implanted on the hardware (the visible parts or body of the robots) which has logic and electric circuits. The logic circuits allows the hardware to be schematically controlled by the robots while the electric circuits helps in powering the hardware.

4. It is used for Prediction through the use of data
Weather forecasting is a clear example. The data like amount of rainfall, temperature, humidity and other data needed from the environment. These data are collected with the help of some equipment like thermometer for temperature, hygrometer for amount of rainfall, barometer and others. After collection, the data are written into the programs. The programs process the data and give useful information on the next possible weather conditions. This is a branch of Machine Learning.

5. It is used for the creation of virtual environment
Construction companies use this virtual environment to build and test their projects. This enables the companies to build their project and test it on the computer. They keeping test it until it works out. Then, they create the real project using the data of the virtual project. This saves time and money instead of wasting real life materials which cost money.

6. Computer biometrics
This involves using programs to analyze DNAs, structure of pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi). The information gotten from the computer biometrics is very useful. The information can assist in finding the cure for the disease caused by the pathogen whose data has being written into the program.

Benefits of learning
1. Employment
2. It improve the thinking capacity

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My name is John Philip Obhenimen, i am very passionate about educating young people this is because the future is in our hands and our performance is closely tied to the information we consume as young people

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