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Programming; Concept of coding, how to write codes - POSCHOLARS

Aug 21 2020 2:31:00 PM

John Philip

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Programming: Learning how to code--concept of coding

Learning to code is a bit difficult, but with this article, you should be able to understand the concept of coding. I would be more specific on the high-level language. Understanding the concept of coding before learning can improve your skills. Programming involves the computer collecting data from the input, analyzing data, processing the data and giving the useful output of information.
The codes you write in the programming language help you to interact with the computer. The codes you write ask the computer to do specific tasks through codes or syntax that the computer can perform with the written data. The code you write can either act as the data or the processor or both the data and processor.
Programming involves you writing a code which involves collecting and writing the data, developing a code to process your data and giving you the required information you need. The computers won’t do anything until they are given specific instructions. However, there are some things you need to do before or when learning to code.

1. Understanding and setting the algorithms of the problems you want to solve

Are trying to learn how to code? This step applies to you. Before I explain further, for those who are not familiar with the word ‘Algorithms’?
What is an algorithm?
Algorithms are those sequential steps you take to solve a particular problem. Algorithms are very useful for planning a program write-up. It would be better to learn algorithms before you write a program to solve the problem.

2. Do not cram codes rather understand them

Many try to cram the syntax of a program. This is a bad habit because it won’t allow you to write programs on your own without looking at a source code. Even if you want to cram it understand the uses of the syntax. For those that are not familiar with the word “syntax”. The syntax is those words that a programming language can recognize. Syntax differentiates programming languages from one another especially high-level languages.

3. Master the basics before moving to the advanced programming

There are some basics in programming. Some basic topics in programming are Data Types, conditional statements, functions and classes. These are the basic topics for almost any high-level programming language. Try to understand all the basics before writing codes on advanced machines.

4. Do some task every day with programming

Practice breeds perfection. This also applies to other things that you are trying to learn. Try to code as much as you are able to learn. Learn to face one aspect of programming and master it. Some applications that can allow you to code Going further, the below list would show you the various applications that can enable you to write codes and run them on your computer or phone to which would enable you to create a program. Recall, the above link talks about using programs to create programs. The applications were created by some brilliant software developers.
  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Matlab
  4. C
  5. C++
  6. C#
  7. Pascal
  8. Php, HTML, CSS and others for web development
In addition, the above tips are very useful so you should try to check the tips and implement them. If you are planning to enter a university, start making research on the university to which you are planning to get admission. Keep learning and make learning keep you going. Please get yourself constantly informed so you won't be deformed. Before you embark on a long course journey, you should make thorough research a make yourself very sure of the university you are aspiring to go to so that you may not regret it when it is too late to change your decision. So I would advise that you start making research on the university you are aspiring to be a student.

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