Jamb 2020/2021: How to score above 300 in jamb utme exams

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How to score above 300 in JAMB or UTME

JAMB which stands for Joint Administration and Matriculation Board is an education board that conduct the UTME exams for the aspirants who wishes further their education to the tertiary level in Nigeria and is also responsible for admission processes.

JAMB has being governing the admission process along side with the tertiary institutions of aspirants. The UTME exam is a type of exam in which the candidates are allowed to choose four subject in which the use of English is compulsory. 

Many keep failing UTME exams, thinking that it is a difficult exam. However, UTME exam is a simple and easy but very tricky.

Most questions in UTME exams are not plain or straight forward. Rather, they are tricky. So it is very wise for one to understand a question before one answering it when writing the exam. This is the main reason why people fail the UTME exams.

Studying UTME past questions is of great help because it allows you to understand how jamb set their questions. In order to score above 300 in jamb you must be focused on achieving that goal. Also, make UTME past questions and your books your best friends. There are so many things that students do not understand about the exam. One of them is the scope of UTME exam. If a student can understand the scope of the exam, the type of questions JAMB usually set, the method JAMB use to mark and the timing of UTME exams, such student stand the chance to score above 300 in JAMB.

Studying the UTME past questions thoroughly helps one to understand the scope of UTME. If you’ve study and analyze past questions, you will find out that UTME set question from some particular topics in a subject. After the findings, it is now left for you to study and concentrate more on those topics. For example; you will notice that in every year, UTME must questions on algebra in Mathematics. There also other vital topics UTME love setting questions from which is left for you to find out on your own.

Make sure that you have covered the syllabus for all the subjects that you are about to write. This is a step to study smart. UTME has it syllabus for each subjects and it is available online. Check the syllabus and if there is any topic that you haven’t familiarize yourself with, make sure that you try to learn it as early as possible. The syllabus can be a complete guide when reading. The syllabus are embedded in the CD that you were given when you registered for UTME.

Reading out of the secondary school scope can also be helpful. Since JAMB does not set their question mainly on the secondary school curriculum, it would be better for the aspirant. Learning the four subjects you are to write should be made easy through this technique.

Finally, when you are going to the exam center to take your exams; make sure that you maintain a positive mind-set, do not allow fear to over shadow you. All these are capable of reducing your performance in the exams.

Five tips on how to score above 300 in jamb 2020/2021

1. Adequately prepare for the utme exam: Coupled with what I said earlier in the beginning of my write up, to ace the utme exams requires you to adequately prepare for the exam. Meaning prepare for the exam the right way. A lot of students fail the utme exams because of poor preparation. Preparing adequately so as to score above 300 in the utme exams, requires you to study each subject along side with the jamb syllabus for that subject.

However, alot of students read haphazardly, their reading is not well structured. They just read topics by topics without making sure they grasp the rudiments of that topic. When studying, ensure you fully comprehend that topic before proceeding. You can check your mastery of that topic by solving or attempting past questions as regards that topic. If you solved 90% of the questions you attempted correctly, it means you are on the right track and scoring above 300 in the utme exams would come easy.

2. Start preparing as early as possible: Early preparation for an exam is usually neglected by so many students. Generally, student are very fond of procrastinating, they prefer to start thorough preparation for the utme exams two or even one month before an exam.

The adverse effect of late preparation is that reading, studying and planning is done under pressure and as a result, the student won’t make clear decisions as regards how to study. If the student is a type that don’t grasp things easily,the student gets frustrated as it seems impossible to read and understand with limited time available. So, if you want to score above 300 in your utme exams, start your preparation very early. 

3. Use past questions strategically: Past questions should be used as a guide and not be studied like a textbook. I will explain the best way to use jamb past questions so as to score above 300 in the utme exams.

Lets be practical now, supposing I wish to studied the probability topic in mathematics and gain mastery in it, the first thing I will do is to get good textbooks the really explicate in details probability as a topic in mathematics. After I strongly believe I have studied and understand this topic, then I will go to my utme mathematics past questions and attempt all utme questions on probability from the beginning of the past question to the very end.

After attempting them, I will evaluate my performance. If I got 90% of the questions correctly, I will skim through the topic one last time and start learning a new one. But if I get below 70%, hmm, I would go back to the topic and study it again.

I tell you, if you can do this for all the topics in jamb syllabus, there is no doubt you won’t score above 300.

4. Practice, Practice and never give up: This is the fourth tip. In other to score above 300 in your utme exams, keep practicing, keep reading, keep studying. Sometimes studying can be frustrating but you shouldn’t relent, you should keep your eyes and mind fixed on the goal(scoring above 300 in your utme exams). 

5. Please do not forget the place of prayer: The place of prayer should not be neglected during an exam preparation. Whether you believe it or not this life is spiritual, the spiritual controls the physical. As a result of this, it’s very crucial you put everything as regards your utme exam in intense prayers. Prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ works wonders. Please always ensure you harness the power of prayer when preparing for an exam and when aiming to score above 300 in your utme exams.

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