WAEC 2020/2021: How to pass waec 2020 with flying colors

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WAEC 2020/2021: How to pass WASSCE exams

WAEC which is an acronym for West African Examination Council is an examination body that conducts the school leaving exams for the West African countries all over the world. The certificate is respected across the world. So, one should not take the exam lightly.

The preparation must be done with seriousness and caution. Many student fail to understand the importance of the exam. Therefore, they refuse to study hard smart for WAEC. WAEC is for those students that study smart. It is not necessarily for those that study hard.

Studying smart is the act of studying according to the standard of a particular examination body. When studying for WAEC don’t just read any book because it is a secondary school book but read a book that has the same curriculum with WAEC(very important).

However, to pass the wassce 2020 exams a requires you to be able to read and understand all the topics in the various subject you are sitting for. So many students find it challenging to grasp the concept of any topic they study, as a result of this, they are not able to tackle waec questions on any subject. They keep seeing wassce questions as hurdles impossible to cross. I recently wrote an article on how to read and understand. I recommend you check my article on how to read and understand so as to pass the wassce exam with an A1.

Also, time management is not only crucial during the preparation for an exam. It is very important when writing an exam too. I have seen students failed exam because they felt the time for the exam wasn’t enough and as such, they could not attempt so many questions in the exam. This is the more reason you should check out my article on how to write exam and finish well on time.

Steps to take when preparing for WAEC

1. Study smart

In the course for preparing for WAEC, students study hard but refused to study smart. Like I said earlier, Studying smart is the act of studying according to the standard of a particular examination body. But the examination body is the WAEC (for West African Examination Council).

2. Start preparation for the exam early

Many students are guilty of this. Students fail to realize that the earlier the better.it is better for one to start preparing early for WAEC than to start preparing late. For instance, student A and student B are preparing for WAEC. If student A starts preparing for the exam a year ago and student A starts preparing for the exam three month ago. There is a high tendency for student A to score higher than student B if they both study smart. So, it is logical for one to start preparation on time.

3.Study and analyze the WAEC past questions thoroughly

Studying the WAEC past questions thoroughly helps one to understand the scope of WAEC. If you’ve study and analyze past questions, you will discover that WAEC set question from some particular topics in a subject. After the analyses, it is now left for you to study and concentration more on those topics. For example; you will notice that in every year, WAEC must questions on Logarithm in Mathematics. There also other vital topics WAEC love setting questions from which I left for you to find out on your own.

 4.Completion of WAEC syllabus

Make sure that you have covered the syllabus for all the subjects that you are about to write. The is a step to study smart. WAEC has it syllabus for each subjects and it is available online. Check the syllabus and if there is any topic that you are not familiar with make sure that you try to learn it as early as possible. The syllabus can be a complete guide when studying.

5. Remove fear, believe and pray

Having the right state of mind before embarking on something is very nice. Before going for the exam, make sure that you remove fear. Fear can make one not to know what he or she is doing. Fear can make you forget and loose control.

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