How to pass mathematics excellently well in wassce 2020

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How to blast Mathematics in WAEC

Mathematics is a vital subject in Educational institutions including the secondary schools. It is a general subject for every students. Most students have the believe that mathematics is a tedious subject.

However, that is a wrong believe because mathematics is the simplest subject if you understand the principles. Every mathematical topic have principles that is why they usually have formulas. Once you can understand the formulas and how to manipulate them. You are good to go.

However, alot of students still find it very difficult to study and comprehend mathematics topics in the ward syllabus. This major reason for this is because student don’t study mathematics in the right way. It’s funny to know that so many students ready mathematics rather than solve.

It has been confirmed that before you gain mastery or become very proficient in a particular mathematics topics, you need to have solved so many mathematics questions based on that topic.

In other words, solve, solve, solve and solve.

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Moreover, another factor to consider when preparing for an exam is the “time factor”. Students studying for exam don’t know how to manage their time during the examination. A lot of students have failed exams simply because they felt the time give for the exam is limited. As such, it is very crucial to know how to manage your time during an examination. Check out my article on how to finish exam on time and pass with flying colors

The mathematics is divided into two parts which are objective and theory.

Mathematics theory

This part consist of sections which are section A and section B. Section A consist of five questions in which you are to answer all while section B consist of seven to eight questions in which you are to answer five.

Some tips to prepare for mathematics theory/essay are;

• Make sure you are prepared to do calculations on what you do have learnt throughout secondary school.

• Always analyze the marks for each question and answer them according to their marks.

• If you are asked to enumerate three calculations and the question carries nine marks. You must show your workings properly. You can make some statement if possible so the examiner would come to understand what you are doing

• Make sure you answer the necessary questions

• Make sure each number fall in the same category. For example, if you answer number 5a and 5b but you are not able to answer 5c. Make sure that you leave a blank space for that question. Do not move to the next question like number 4 without leaving space.

Mathematics objective

This part consists of fifty questions with four options each. The candidate is expected to answer all.

Some tips for further mathematics theory are;

• Reading all the topics in mathematics under the WAEC syllabus because you can’t guess were the question might come from.

• When you come across a question that you do not know or you don’t have a clue about, leave the question and answer the ones you know.

• Then you can now answer the ones you do not know or have clue about.

• Use the elimination method for questions to answer questions that you have little or no clue about.
When you start the exam, answer the questions that you can answer as quick as possible so that you can have time to cross check your working.

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