WAEC 2020: How to pass waec biology exams with distinctions(A1)

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How to blast waec Biology exam 2020

Biology is one of the main subjects that every science student can learn in secondary school. Being a science subject, students recognize biology as a subject. Biology is subject that studies living things and biological activities.

Biology exam in WAEC is divided into three segments which are Biology-Objective, Biology-Theory and Biology-Practical. The Biology-Practical carries 40 marks, Biology-Objective and Biology-Theory carries 30 marks each. Adding the marks you will arrive at a total of 100 marks.

Therefore, the practical carries the highest marks. A wise student should not to take his or her biology practical for granted. There is a high chance of scoring a good mark in the biology practical. As we move further I would be giving you tips on each part of biology.

However, alot of students still find it very difficult to study and comprehend biology topics in the waec syllabus. This major reason for this is because student don’t study biology in the right way. It’s funny to know that so many students read biology rather than study.

It has been confirmed that before you gain mastery or become very proficient in a particular biology topics, you need to have solved so many biology questions based on that topic.

In other words, study, study, study and study.

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Moreover, another factor to consider when preparing for an exam is the “time factor”. Students studying for exam don’t know how to manage their time during the examination. A lot of students have failed exams simply because they felt the time give for the exam is limited. As such, it is very crucial to know how to manage your time during an examination. Check out my article on how to finish exam on time and pass with flying colors


The biology objective is a part of the exam in which the candidate is given fifty minutes to finish the exam. The exam consists of fifty questions with four options each.

Some tips for biology objective are;

1.Reading all the topics in biology under the WAEC syllabus because you can’t guess were the question might come from.
2. When you come across a question that you do not know or you don’t have a clue about, leave the question and answer the ones you know.
3. Then you can now answer the ones you do not know or have clue about.
4. Use the elimination method for questions to answer questions that you have little or no clue about.


The biology theory is also a part of the exam in which the candidate is given one hour and forty minutes to finish the exam. The exam consists of two parts usually termed part 1 and part 2. In one part all the questions are compulsory while on the other part the candidate is allowed to two questions from that section. Note that the two parts are theory.

Some tips for biology theory/essay are;

1. When answering questions, always look at the mark of that particular question.

2. Answer the necessary number of question.

3. Prepare for any type of question in biology.

4. Read wide for biology theory.

5. When you are ask to draw and label, make sure that your drawing is neither big nor small.


Biology practical carries the highest marks has three questions. The candidate is given two hours. Candidates are allowed to all questions depending on how many they are asked to answer for biology practical.

Some tips for biology practical are;

1. Make sure you know all about the specimen you are being given. You should kno things like the specimen color, shape, habitat, scientific name and other necessary things.

2. Observation of specimen is very crucial. You need to put down what you see, know and feel about the specimen

3. Get ready to draw and label

4. If you are ask to make observations of a list of keys, it best to answer the questions with neaet and accurate tables.. The tables must look attractive to examiners.

5. You must have a clear and sharp drawings

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