WAEC 2020/2021: How to pass WASSCE chemistry exam with an A1

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How to blast WASSCE 2020 biology with an A1

    How to blast WASSCE 2020 biology with a A1

How to blast WASSCE Chemistry in waec 2020

Chemistry is one of the main subjects that every science student can learn in secondary school. Being a science subject, students recognize chemistry as a subject. Chemistry is subject that studies matter and their properties.

Chemistry  exam in WAEC is divided into three categories which are Chemistry-Objective, Chemistry-Theory and Chemistry-Practical. The Chemistry-Practical carries 40 marks, Chemistry-Objective and Chemistry-Theory carries 30 marks each. Adding the marks you will arrive at a total of 100 marks.

Therefore, the practical carries the highest marks. A student should not to take his or her chemistry practical for granted. There is a high rate of scoring a good mark in the practical is high. As we move further I would be giving you tips on each part of chemistry.

However, to get an A1 in chemistry requires you to be able to read and understand chemistry concept. So many students find it challenging to grasp the concept of any topic in chemistry, as a result of this, they are not able to tackle waec chemistry questions. They keep seeing wassce physics questions as hurdles impossible to cross. I recently wrote an article on how to read and understand. I recommend you check my article on how to read and understand so as to pass the wassce chemistry exam with an A1.

Also, time management is not only crucial during the preparation for an exam. It is very important when writing an exam too. I have seen students failed exam because they felt the time for the exam wasn’t enough and as such, they could not attempt so many questions in the exam. This is the more reason you should check out my article on how to write exam and finish well on time.


The chemistry objective is a part of the exam in which the candidate is given one houur to finish the exam. The exam consists of fifty questions with four options each. The chemistry objective is the simplest part of the chemistry exam in WAEC, if you know what you are doing.

Some tips to prepare for chemistry objective are;

• Make sure that you have covered the WAEC syllabus for chemistry because the questions can come from any topics.
• When you start the exam, answer the questions that you can answer as quick as possible.
• After answering the question that you, you can now come back to answer the tricky questions.
• Use the elimination method to answer tricky questions. Elimination method is a method of answering question in which you compare, contrast and eliminate the given options until you arrive at a reasonable answer. Note this method is for a question that you have no clue about.


The chemistry theory is also a part of the exam in which the candidate is given two hours to finish the exam. The exam consists of two categories usually termed section A and section B. In one section all the questions are compulsory while on the other section the candidates are allowed to two questions from that section.

Some tips to prepare for chemistry theory/essay are;
• Make sure you are prepared to explain what you have read
• Always analyze the marks for each questions
• If you are asked to enumerate three things and the question carries nine marks. You should explain each items whether you are asked to do so or not
• Make sure you answer the necessary questions
• Make sure each number fall in the same category. For example, if you answer number 1a and 1b but you are not able to answer 1c. Make sure that you leave a blank space for that question. Do not move to the next question like number 2 without leaving space.


Chemistry practical carries the highest marks has three questions. The candidate is given two hours. Candidates are allowed to answer all questions and answer for chemistry practical.

Some tips to prepare for chemistry practical are;

• Make sure you concentrate on Qualitative analysis, Quantitative or Volumetric analysis (Titration) because those are the topics the questions must be set from.
• Make sure that you how to identify gases, anions, cations and some special compound with their color, smell, texture, reaction with certain reagents because this will help you in your
• Make sure your tables are very neat. Note that this point is very vital.

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